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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Website Evaluation Tips - Part1

Even if you or your company doesn't have a lot of time and resources to keep the site in good order, there are several things that evaluating your website can bring to your attention that may need slightly tweaking at little or no cost.

Review the Goals and Purpose of the Site
Hopefully you had a goal or purpose in mind when the site was originally designed and launched. It may have been to promote brand awareness, drive sales leads, sell more product, etc. As the first step of your website evaluation, confirm that these goals have not changed, and if they have changed, determine what your new goals and objectives are. Throughout the process of evaluating your website, continually ask yourself if each site element helps to meet the goals of the site.

Keep a 'to do' list
It's a good idea to keep a list for the website at all times. This list can be as simple as a Word document or as complex as a database, including (at the very least) each item to be modified (page, copy, graphic, link, etc), the desired action, (add, remove, update), and the priority (low or high). Then, if you happens to have a few minutes here or there, this list can be continually reduced in an efficient manner.

Information kept updated
If your site states that your 'next' event is 10 months ago, or your "coming soon" has "gone and went", bring the site back up to the current date by addressing these types of issues. Nothing can be worse for your visitors than serving them out of date information. If you don't have the time or resources to continually update your site, make sure you add as little time-sensitive information as possible.


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