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Monday, January 08, 2007

Website Evaluation Tips - Part 2

Eliminate Broken Links
One of the most common, and easily correctable maintenance tasks is identifying broken links in your website evaluation and fixing them. Working links may lead to other pages (either to your site, and other external sites) or to graphic images. Broken image links appear as either a little red "x" or a blank box representing where a graphic is supposed to appear. Broken page links will result in the dreaded "404 FILE NOT FOUND" error message. Hopefully, through the process of evaluating your website, you've already compiled a list of these annoying anomalies. If you'd like to double check for additional links you may have missed, you can use a variety of free tools available which will not only verify all of your links, but also check for spelling errors and perform other useful functions such as checking page load time and discovering browser compatibility issues.

Take an inventory
Set aside a time when you can browse the entire site, and try to conduct this visual website evaluation through the eyes of a new visitor. Click on every link and view every page. Hopefully, the site still accurately represents your organisation. Be on the lookout for content items that are inaccurate, out of date, or no longer important. Any such issues discovered while evaluating a website should be addressed and corrected as soon as possible.


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