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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Before the Click

When people are searching for something online they have a specific intent. They are either looking for information or looking to purchase a product or service etc. When they see your ad or link and it conforms to their needs they will click on it. That is great, but have you prepared your site to the best of its abilities? One of the simplest ways in which to ensure that they don't immediately click out of your site is to take them where they want to be.

So many people still overlook this small, but very vital action. Don't take them to your site's home page. Although your home page might have loads of information about your company, product or service or may just be of very flattering design, this means nothing to your PPC visitor if it doesn't take them directly to where they want to be.

If your visitor was looking for "Marketing services" take them directly to your "Marketing services" page, not to "Email marketing" or "All Services", or "About Marketing", but directly to "Marketing services" this is simple and effective. Most retailers would use the "product page" as their primary landing page. Service providers would use the "service page".

There are two ways of going about your landing page strategy. You may choose to either send your traffic to a page within your existing website, or create landing pages specifically targeted towards your PPC campaign.

This provides you with more freedom to customise the design of your landing page.


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