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Monday, November 27, 2006

Avoiding Click Fraud

Following on from my last post i thought id say a few words on how to avoid the ever increasing problem of click fraud.

Basically most click fraud comes from the popular keywords, where advertisers are paying top dollars just to be seen for that keyword. It's best to advertise on the smaller keywords, where there's not a lot of competitors advertising and not a lot of searches. Most people that commit click fraud focus on high paying keywords because that's where they will make the most money.

Stay away from PPC companies that don't monitor the clicks, these companies are prone to click fraud. Also stay away from the ones that are small, they most likely have a small or no staff at all that monitor their service, they are also known for committing click fraud their self. It's best to stay with PPC companies that are well known, such as Overture or Google.


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