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Friday, October 20, 2006

What is Blog Spam?

Im sure most of us have either visited a blog full of random links or have been left a comment that contains many unrelated links.......welcome to the world of Blog Spam!

What exactly is blog spam? Blog spam is simply a blog that does not have very much content. A blog spam exists merely to drive traffic to certain sites. It is in fact used by many people as a SEO technique. Blog spamming is not acceptable to a wide range of sectors. With the main aim of generating traffic, blog spams do not really contribute anything relevant. They exist to provide links to their parent websites and nothing else.

How do you spam blogs? As already discussed above, blogs are normally used to publish information related to website content. Thus content is the most important thing. For blog spams, however, no such importance is placed on content. Blog spams may contain just about anything to increase traffic to the parent website, blog spams are normally filled with only links or classifieds (which actually point to another site). Another aspect of spam blogging is the comment feature. Programs are created to post spam as comments in different blogs. This is usually very irritating because spam posted as comments are generally unrelated to the blog topic.


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