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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Advantages of Paid Links

Paid links are links from other websites purchased solely for the value of the link rather than for direct clicks. Paid links have become so popular that auction sites have arisen up for just this purpose and they can even be bought on eBay now.

There is no particular problem with paid links, however I would recommend applying the same criteria that you would to reciprocal links. If you are going to purchase links, only purchase them from related sites and try to make sure the link is not buried down at the bottom of the page.

Run-of-site links (links that appear on every page) are not significantly more valuable than single links on the homepage other than for the traffic. If you’ve purchased a link in a good location and on a good site you’re likely to get some good traffic from it. This is the general rule that should be used when purchasing a link for traffic. If a link increases PageRank it’s a great bonus but if you have bought the link for the traffic and your getting it, then the link becomes secondary.


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