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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quick optimization Tips

The header tags in your page give the search engine spiders an idea of how your page is structured. Therefore, if you can put in important keywords that are relevant to your page´s content in the header tags, the search engine will then know that this particular page contains information on topics relating to those keywords – thus helping your page rank better for those keywords.

It´s actually simpler than it sounds, suppose you have a page that´s titled "How to optimize your website". Now, you might have two sections on that page – an article on website optimization and one on general optimization tips. Now instead of it all together, here´s what you could do:

• H1 tag for the page heading – including a variation of the Title tag

• H2 tags for both sections – "Website Optimization" and "Optimization tips" in this case.

Textual Tags

When a search engine spider is scanning a page, it´s looking for several factors to determine what is important and what´s not. In particular, it looks for text tags – bold, underline or italics, to help it rank the page. Why?

Simply, the search engine spider is programmed to “think’ that any text that is put in bold, italics or underlined is considered important information by the user, and therefore it “might’ be important. This is where bullet points come in handy as well.I said “might’ be important because search engine spiders have very sophisticated algorithms that look at hundreds of other factors, including the relevance of the surrounding text.

So if you concentrate on putting bold or italics tags around your core keywords (while maintaining a natural flow of content), you will be directly improving the chances of a search engine spider ranking that page higher for those keywords.

Similarly, if you have an important list of points that you want to emphasise, you could put them in an ordered (numbered) list or just a plain bulleted list on your page – this will set that portion of text apart and alert the search engine spider that this text is more important.


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