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Monday, September 11, 2006

Increase traffic to your blogsite

Being a relatively new blogger I've been doing some research into how I can increase the effectiveness of my blog. I thought i would share some of my findings.

Participate at Related Forums & Blogs whatever industry or niche you're in, there are bloggers, forums and an online community that's already active. Depending on your market, you may need to think one or two levels broader than your own content to find a large community, but with the size of the participatory web today, even the highly specialized content areas receive attention. A great way to find out who these people are is to use Technorati to conduct searches, then sort by number of links.
Del.icio.us tags are also very useful in this process, as are straight searches at the engines (Ask.com's blog search in particular is of very good quality).

Intelligent linking when you link out in your blog posts, use convention where applicable and creativity when warranted, but be aware of how the links you serve are part of the content you provide. Not every issue you discuss or site you mention needs a link, but there's a fine line between overlinking and underlinking. The best advice I can give is to think of the post from the standpoint of a relatively uninformed reader. If you mention Wikipedia, everyone is familar and no link is required. If you mention a specific page at Wikipedia, a link is necessary and important. It's almost always better to be over-generous with links than under-generous.

Content tagging Technorati is the first place that you should be tagging posts. You may want to have the tags right on your page, pointing to the Technorati searches that you're targeting. There are other good places to ping - del.icio.us and Flickr being the two most obvious. Tagging content can also be valuable to help give you a "bump" towards getting traffic from big sites like
Reddit, Digg.


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