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Thursday, August 03, 2006

To link or not to link that is the question

Following on from my last post here is a brief guide on how and where you should be looking to link.

To begin with I would definitely advise choosing sites relevant to the subject of your site, you maintain the interest level of your visitors in the topic they have just been exploring with you.

With hundreds of thousands of sites out there, there is just no need to exchange links with everyone. “Focus is the key to attracting traffic; after all, how many people will click on a link to a genealogy site when reading about sheep shearing?”

If you are running a commercial site, you may not want to link to a competing site. For instance, if you are selling Dental Treatment you may not want to send your visitors to other Dental treatment sites.

It may also be healthy to offer links to competitors. Offline, people rarely make significant purchases before browsing a few alternatives. So by providing choice, you are indirectly stimulating people to buy more. And since your link is also on your competitor's site (these are reciprocal links, remember!) your own sales may see a boost from visitors coming from the competing site.

The best balance may lie in combining the two: provide links to similar sites, and provide links to related sites. That way, you maximise your exposure.


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