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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Power of Article Writing

Every site on the Internet needs fresh, original content for their website. Writing articles for others to place on their website (as well as placing the articles on your own website) can not only increase your reputation with the larger search engines and directories, but if you simply add a link to the bottom of your article next to your name, you can get high quality traffic from hundreds of different sites with each article. Sites such as goarticles.com will publish your article on their site and make it available for others to copy to theirs for free. You will not only get the initial link from the article site, but also you get a link from each browser that adds it to their site.
The key to this is to write high quality articles with a specific topic in mind. For example if your site deals with SEM or SEO, write search engine marketing or optimization reviews, things to look for in SEO companies, which SEO companies are the most reputable, or other topics that relate directly to your area of the marketplace.

Well written and well thought out articles will get linked on a good amount of sites, and people will actually visit your website to read other articles by you.


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