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Friday, August 18, 2006

Dialup vs Broadband heres my say...

I was speaking to my colleague Jamie Clouting just the other day and we were debating whether Dial-up Internet had died a horrible death? I thought i would have my say here on my blog.

In this ongoing debate of dialup vs broadband I believe there isn't really a definitive correct answer. This question can only be answered by looking at your needs and resources and comparing them to what each option has to offer.
If you use the Internet to check email, stock quotes, and visit the occasional website, dialup will be sufficient. You can suppliment your connection with accelerator software such as Onspeed which can cause some improvement in page loading times.

We both agreed if you frequently download large media files, play games over the Internet, and view sites that are high in image content then you may be more satisfied with broadband service.


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